Personal CFO Service

Transactions and Activities. This service centralizes all the day to day activities and transactions that impact the value of and return on all your personal assets and holdings.  You can quickly determine whether or not an asset or holding is worth keeping or not.
Records Management Service. With this service you can stop putting off organizing and cataloguing your personal holdings.  You no longer have to worry about not being able to find your documents or wonder if documents are fully executed.
Reporting and Analysis. With this service you get detail reports across accounts and portfolios, real estate holdings and private entities – all in one place.  No more trying to find the data that you want from numerous and hard to read reports.
Advisory Relationship Management. No more dealing with numerous advisers alone.  We coordinate the dissemination and gathering of your personal information without sacrificing your privacy.
Private Businesses Management. We make it easy for you to manage the books and records of your various private entities and incorporate their data into your overall personal financial reports.   This service infinitely improves your control and increases your return on investments.
Customer Relations. We are here to serve you.  Whenever, wherever.
Tax Planning & Administration. Tax advice is only as good as the data the tax professional gets from you.  Our comprehensive data and records management and reporting capabilities guarantees that your tax professional gets all the information that he or she needs to give you the best tax advice.