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The Dynamic Wealth Information Management System was designed to meet the demanding and exacting needs of highly sophisticated, astute investment bankers.  As an investment banker, you understand making money inside and out.  A bigger concern for you is how to effectively manage and protect the wealth that you have already generated and continue to generate. The illustration above shows the challenge of managing it all using the traditional wealth management approach.

The problem with the traditional wealth management approach is each of these entities or advisers has their own set of reports and agenda. It all comes to you unorganized and un-integrated, often with different styles of reports and formats.  And it fosters an “Illusion of Control” that actually puts all your wealth at risk.  In fact, the more success you have, the more complex this all becomes and the greater the opportunity for things to fall through the cracks.

Our specialized proprietary system gives you a level of control and insight unmatched by and unavailable from traditional wealth management approaches.  The Dynamic Wealth Information Management System is a collection point for all the data related to your private assets and their activities.  This includes not only transactions, budgets, and valuations but also non- transactional and performance data that is the greatest overlooked source of risk.  The system then integrates, aggregates and categorizes this mountain of data into a master report that gives both the big picture and the specific details and performance of your strategic financial plans.

This system minimizes surprises, overlooked assets, under performing strategies and is the source of true security and control for your wealth. It provides the checks and balances essential for evaluating the quality, integrity and performance of all your advisers.  An added advantage is your various advisers are assured the specific, accurate and timely information they need to give you the best advice and service. Anomalies and breakdowns show up quickly and are easily resolved.  Opportunities for fraud are significantly reduced.  You replace the “Illusion of Control” with real certainty, security and control.

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