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SherilynPicMessage from the founder

Before starting Williams Wealth Management in 1999, I worked for 5 years as a senior member of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.’s personal wealth management team.  The system we developed was better than anything available at the time – it had to be for those guys.

Since starting my own practice, I have developed and refined that system to offer a level of sophisticated control and analysis beyond anything that’s out there.  I believe that we have created the finest system available today for managing and protecting your wealth.

Sherilyn Williams Casiano,

Who We Are
The Dynamic Wealth Information Management System ™ was created to meet the specialized needs and demanding standards of investment bankers.  This exclusive service offers a combination of confidentiality, control, and asset protection beyond the means of traditional accounting, financial planning, or family office service. Over $1 million and 8 years of real world testing and use went into the creation of this system.  Our system is designed to make the most complex assets and transactions easy to manage and to give you a totally complete, accurate and independent picture of your assets and their performance. The critical success factor in any financial strategy is information management.

Without accurate and comprehensive tracking and reporting, even the best-laid plans under perform or fail outright. Our Dynamic Wealth Information Management System employs a unique and reliable records management process that ensures the accuracy and integrity of all financial and asset activity. Its unprecedented detail allows for sophisticated, strategic analysis of all asset performance (from ROI of portfolios, change of basis and value in private equity investments, change of operating cost and value of real estate assets, change in personal budget and expenses, i.e., family members and domestic help).

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